Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lead Generation Tips – Divide Attention Among Products

While your lead generation process wants undivided attention from prospects, you might want to divide that attention again among your own products and services. For example, if you are medical device vendor and you have long expanded to include a variety of tools in your catalog, marketers always do it in sections! It is a preventive measure against the ancient lead generation pitfall known as information overload!

Your Lead Generation Strategy Should Divide Properly, Not Just Equally

It is more important that your lead generation campaign divides the garnered attention properly than whether or not the division is equal. Make no mistake, equal division can be quite helpful but all of that really depends on the kind of medical leads you want to attract:

  • Population of a certain market portion – Real inequality results when your lead generation campaign promotes a strategy for one new product that does not have a large enough following just yet. Of course, you might say you are doing this to fix just that. That does not mean you have to completely ignore the one product that got most of your business leads in the first place.

  • Bridging the popularity gap – Speaking of which though, garnering interest (and customers) for a new product remains to be important or else you might have wasted all the effort (from creation to lead generation) poured into its debut. Try to put the old and the new side by side. Unless for very technical and reasonable justifications, do not pit them against each other lest those who buy them will follow.

  • Do not neglect even in the face of failure – Not all new products really fly so well. That does not mean you give up cold-turkey. Your lead generation process should leave some fighting support for the less well-received product. You may no longer be active in generating attention but at least make sure your lead generation campaign shows how appreciate those who liked your new idea.

Do no think that just because previous lead generation campaigns have brought you this far, you no longer need any marketing lessons. The more health sales leads you generate, the more diverse the kind of customers your medical devices will attract. Divide that attention among the products these customers care for the most and avoid neglecting any of them!

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