Monday, April 22, 2013

Speedy IT Lead Generation – Got Enough Gas?

As with IT products and services, your IT lead generation process is expected to work at a speedy pace. You have competitors and prospects alike getting ahead because they inform themselves faster and have a lot more sources at their disposal. The faster your lead generation process churns out business leads, the better right?

Fast IT Lead Generation Finishes More But Is More Always Good?

Think of the common analogy of your IT lead generation and a really fast sports car. You want this car to go at top speed regardless of what obstacles are in your way. You have the skills to drive through them just as your company has the skills to succeed with each and every one of your IT leads. At least, that last answer is what you would like to believe.

The truth though is no amount of driving skill can magically produce the one thing car runs on: gas. In the same way, your lead generation process can run out of steam too no matter how many sales leads you can qualify and sell with. And once you are out of gas, what happens to the time you now freed up for yourself? That is right: wasted.

Yes, time is like money and you need to save up as much of it as you can. However, saving up is pointless unless you know what you are going to spend and what it is you are reserving. Therefore, speeding up your lead generation process to save up on time is pointless unless you have a plan on what to do next!

  • Is it for more work? - The more sales you get out of sales lead generation, the more work your company has to do. You might find that easy if you are confident in your IT resources. That does not mean you will not hit your limit and your entire work force will run out of gas. Even machines need to be cooled off somehow or else they will overload from heat and unending usage.

  • Is it to create something new? - The difference between having more work coming out of your lead generation process and developing something new is that making predictions for the latter is unpredictable. Research is also expensive and testing can have more volatile results than even the loosest of lead generation campaigns! Saving up time can cushion for nasty surprises and setbacks.

  • Is it to simply get more time off? - Surprise: Nothing is really wrong with this. As demonstrated above, only one or two things can result from a speedy lead generation process. You either run out of gas without warning or you have more time than just refueling and heading off again. Just make sure all the time you save up does not cause you to slack once break time's over.

It is completely unrealistic to expect your lead generation process to work so fast without some form of relieving it of the resulting stress. Gears and tears wear out from constant turning just as your own resources cannot keep processing IT sales leads non-stop. Do not save up all the time via speeding up while forgetting the need to refuel!

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