Friday, April 5, 2013

Have Your Software Sales Leads Migrated?

The biggest sign of a dying B2B industry is that its software sales leads are migrating elsewhere, leaving a market environment that has become too barren and incapable of sustaining any business life. For software companies, the natural reaction is to see how badly you have been rendered obsolete. The first step to that though might lie in knowing why and where your business sales leads have migrated.

Reasons For Why Sales Leads Move On To Some Place Else

The world of nature is not the only realm with a history of extinctions and dead zones. The history of technology has its own equivalent when it comes to markets for products that have been rendered old-fashioned and impractical. Just as animals seemingly vanish from places like harsh deserts or cold wastelands, these creations disappear from common use as the market changes and sales leads are moving to new competitors.

So how does a software company avoid such extinction? How can you keep generating software leads when your products are losing out to the changes in your market environment? Obviously, you should consider taking a look to where your sales leads flew off to!

  • What drove them out? - One reason products go 'extinct' is because people bore with flaws they had that did not seem to have a solution anywhere. But then, a few years later, it comes as something that makes a strong enough impact and you soon find your sales leads rapidly declining. No matter what stunt you pulled or how much you cut, it just offered nothing in comparison to this sudden change.

  • How can you catch up? - To prepare for your own little migration, you need to know more about where your sales leads went to. What is it about the impact that drew them to the new product or industry? How can you compete? The tools you used to gather information from sales leads must now be used to know what it would take for your current product to adapt.

  • How can you dominate again? - This sounds ambitious but you should never close yourself off if there is even the slightest possibility of you regaining your position. It is not like your competitor is perfect. You could succeed in your software lead generation if you pay attention to common flaws being cited in the market. Use the information from your sales to know what it takes to rule again.

Perhaps the only difference between the technology industry and nature itself is that the former needs more than adaptation to survive changes. You need to locate where your sales leads migrated to so you can learn what needs to be change, what progress you need to make next, and how you can fine tune your B2B lead generation to help regain your losses!

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