Friday, March 1, 2013

Lead Generation Tips – Avoid Selective Correction

When your services goes on a lead generation campaign, it sometimes feels like a crusade of correction. That is actually not a bad thing by the way. Many people, businesses and consumers alike, suffer from financial illiteracy. Your lead generation strategy involves finding as many people as you can so you can fix this epidemic and have more people worry less about their cash.

The only problem with this little crusade of correction is when you are being too selective with who you are correcting! This leads to many lead generation mistakes like biased lead qualification, hypocritical marketing image, and it might even get you sued!

Avoiding A Selectively Critical Lead Generation Strategy

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It all boils down to a simple point on correcting someone. When you tell a person off for doing something the wrong way, make sure your eyes never look the other way! For lead generation, if you are going to tell one prospect off for committing a certain financial mistake, make sure you say the same if you catch others at it. Unfortunately, all people have a tendency to ignore the same offense because of some kind of bias.

Yes, you can argue that you are already being biased when you generate leads. The question though is what are you really biased against? Is your lead generation process biased against things like bad investment advice or are you just biased against a certain group of people?

  • You are biased against people when... they are not among your highest paying clients but you still give them a lot less than they pay for. From the very start of the lead generation process, all you have done is point holes. They are not seeing the results or even just the solution you promised to share if they signed up for your program. You just criticize over and over.

  • You are biased against mistakes when... you are unwilling to gloss over any error no matter how trivial (or how much your prospect is willing to pay for you to overlook it). You do not pull any punches but at the same time, your lead generation strategy offers the kindness of being honest about this with all potential (as well as current customers). You are biased in favor of those who manage their money well.

Obviously, the latter is more preferable because it is only when your lead generation process is biased against people that it becomes a selective corrector. See when you correct others all because you do not like them, then guess what? Do not be surprised at how many sales leads this will cost your lead generation campaign.

financial sales lead generation strategy is not about sucking up to those who pay you more money for you to say what they want to hear. It is about attracting all kinds of sales leads. Sure, you might specify a certain budget but this is not about that. It is about giving back to your customers what they paid for. In terms of things like financial planning, that takes objective criticism that does not let anything slide.

Now you are free to create a lead generation strategy that tries to break any correction gently to a prospect. Just make sure you do this for all your financial sales leads, not a few!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I would also like to add that an integrated marketing multi-channeling campaign is an effective approach to lead generation services. Additionally, it’s essential that the sales and marketing teams go beyond generating qualified leads. They should also continue to work with organizations to ensure that sales opportunities come to fruition as well.