Thursday, April 18, 2013

How Far Should Financial Lead Generation Take A Hit?

Just like in financial planning, the topic of lead generation has camps who either worry more about big mistakes or fear that big mistakes can just be small mistakes made repeatedly. The only difference is that its money matters in financial planning and its sales leads for lead generation.

What Kind Of Damage Should Your Lead Generation Strategy Brace For?

It all boils down to one question: How much of a hit should your lead generation process take? As with money, you have three things that need to be considered for your financial leads: the rate you recover, the cause of the damage, and finally, whether that recovery leads to improvement.

  • Rate of recovery – How fast can your lead generation process recover from its mistake? Big mistakes (like a whole prospect list turned bad) are known for crippling businesses hard enough that you cannot make up for the loss in time for the next big hit. Small mistakes can eat away slowly so long as the ratio is also one-sided. See if your lead generation process cannot make up for the loss fast enough.

  • Cause of damage – Knowing how much you can take is still no excuse from finding ways to completely avoid a hit. Big or small, see if you can identify common sources of lead generation errors and pitfalls. Finding ways to avoid more problems can also supplement the rate your financial lead generation fixes the problems it already has.

  • Improvement after recovery – Fixing your lead generation process without improving it can leave it stuck in a painful cycle of damage and regeneration. You have to turn the tide at some point and improve your lead generation process!

If you have not noticed, all three factors are important because of one thing: Time. Time is the one thing that really seals the fate of your lead generation campaign. When problems eat away more than it can recover, your time is being cut short no matter how fast. Even remaining stuck between fixing as fast breaking will not end well because you can only keep at it for so long.

Time is short and it does not get longer nor does it give you refunds after a loss. You need to turn things around and stop taking hits to such an important marketing process forever. Get more financial sales leads, improve instead of just fix, and go on the offense!

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