Friday, June 14, 2013

Cleaning Leads – Coming To Terms With Capacity

When you generate office cleaning leads, there is one thing that both outsourced companies and in-house marketers have in common. You have to come to terms with their capacity. This can be more complicated than it sounds. You might think this is just about being content with the cleaning leads you managed to generate but it is indeed more than that. For starters, what about fully understanding your lead generators?

The Number Of Cleaning Leads Has More Than A Black-And-White Meaning

The first mistake you can make is to look at your cleaning leads and then just judge everything based on that number. You do not look carefully at the process. You do not care. You just check results and then make your evaluations based on what you stand to benefit.

That sounds like business common sense at first (especially if you are outsourcing). The truth though is that when you do cleaning lead generation too fast or too slow, you could actually be under the misconception that you were prepared for your cleaning leads. There is a remedy for this however. In order for you to fully understand what it means to have a certain amount of cleaning leads, you first have to:

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  • Determine an average – Instead of just looking at your cleaning leads, look at what is usually the norm in the lead generation industry. Many of those competing to be outsourced would generally agree on the same margins. See what the average cleaning lead generator can acquire and then you are one step closer to having something to measure them all against.
  • Look to the market – You might need marketers to help you with this but that should not stop you from trying to understand the market on your own sometimes. Do not forget, you still know a thing or two about how people like their offices clean. Defining your cleaning leads requires you to understand the market of the entire commercial cleaning industry so why are you not looking harder?
  • Check the economy – It may sound like an overused excuse but it only makes it more of an excuse if you use to disqualify your qualified cleaning leads too quickly. See if the economy is behind the changes to the market’s demand (be it positive or negative).
  • Understand lead generator’s resources – This goes well if you already have an average. See if your lead generator knows enough about your industry to generate commercial cleaning leads. Sometimes they can have all the tools but not the experience. Sometimes they have plenty of experience but not enough tools. Picking wisely is not a matter of in-house or outsourced but pure, simple resourcefulness.

There is no point to any number of cleaning leads unless you have more information to determine that they are getting your more or less than expected. It means that such expectations are not determined solely by you even if it is your right to define your cleaning sales leads.

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