Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Software Lead Generation Tips – Follow The Sun

If you are familiar with the phrase, you will understand how software lead generation can work round the clock and that it can be critical to maintaining constant exposure to business opportunities. Today, businesses are taking advantage of the internet to ensure that their technology is accessible regardless of where the sun is at. If you are one such company, that makes it important for your lead generation process to not fall behind.

Your Lead Generation Campaign Is Chasing Helios

Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsIn Greek myth, people describe the journey of the sun as the god Helios carrying it in his chariot, flying across the sky and towards the edge of the horizon. So to chase the sun, your lead generation campaign would be like chasing Helios. Despite the hours it takes for it travel across the sky however, do not underestimate other ways its actual speed can leave behind your lead generation campaign.
  • Behavior of prospects – Your prospects are often open to your lead generation efforts during daylight hours. So if your software sales leads were like the items they sell, you have to be there when the sun is up in order to acquire them. Unfortunately, some lead generation campaigns fail terribly by taking too long picking them out. By the time they finish, everyone is closed and that campaign fails to qualify the rest because nobody’s around.
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  • Areas of opportunities – The previous obstacle is also due to lead generation campaigns that stick too closely to one region. If you lacked the resources to somehow cater beyond your geographical boundaries, that may be excused. However, if your software was something like a cloud-based platform or database, being accessible from anywhere comes with the demand that your lead generation campaign should be anywhere.
  • Keeping your process full – If your lead generation process was like a restaurant, following the sun is your way of always keeping it full. Late night prospects alone will not be enough to justify keeping yourself open after hours. You need to have prospects who are in places that are up and about so that they can fill the lack and keep your lead generation process full of incoming medical software leads, scm software leads, payroll software leads and other qualified software leads.
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In summary, keeping your lead generation process on a constant run means you have to be where prospects are at all the time and keep qualifying many of them all the time. That does not work if it takes too long picking and letting Helios carry the sun way far ahead. You cannot call your leads business software leads with just industry and demographics alone. You have to chase the sun and have it shine on where those leads are.


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