Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Tips for Effective Lead Generation With Email Marketing and Telemarketing

Email marketing and telemarketing are considered as one of the best methods to generate leads for they are direct, cost-effective, and have already stood the test of the changing times. However, sending a mere email or giving out a simple call introducing your company are not enough to generate leads and attract potential gains. As a growing company, you need an action plan that will put you, your company and your potential customers in a win-win situation that allows you to grow and develop together.An effective action plan for generating leads involves a well-planned combination of strategies that transform a simple reader and listener an active part in your business.
In developing an effective action plan utilizing both email and telemarketing, you must keep these five (5) tips in mind.

1.    Give them a reason (or two) to remember you- With the presence of competitors in the business, you must stand out in order to make potential leads and customers take notice at you.Develop a signature brand or style that matches your company's goals and target.It is important to constantly and consistently use it on your email or on your calls to further strengthen your company's brand recall.Incorporateyour company's unique logo, color scheme, and well-designed layout on your emails, and make it easy to read toattract both tech experts and tech novices alike. Use your company's signature introduction spiel in both your initial and follow-up calls to develop feelings of familiarity with the listener, therefore receiving a welcoming response on the other line.

2.    Content must be relevant- A reader or a caller does not want to spend his time on something that is not relevant in his life, no matter how informative it may be. Make your email or your call relevant by addressing problems, talk about his needs and concerns, and provide the products and benefits that your company can offer to ease out his concern.

3.    Being personal and positive matters- An email or a call is more likely to be forgotten when it is generic, boring, and impersonal. In order to be easily remembered, one must be positive and personalized in approach.  Receiving a call from a telemarketer who is pleasant, helpful and informative gives a strong and positive effect on the person in the other end of the line, and is more likely to look forward to your calls.As for your emails, make sure it is casual, easy-to-read, and friendly to establish a good rapport with the reader.

4.    Prompts action - So you have informed the reader or the listener about your what company offers, but is that enough? Prompt your potential lead into action by giving him links or addresses on membership sign-ups, subscriptions, and other important offers such as sample products or discount vouchers. Word usage is also important to prompt action. Words such as subscribe, order, post, share, sign-up, and visit boosts interests and leads to explore your company and your products.

5.    Combine traditional and new mediums of marketing - Email marketing and telemarketing is not enough for it only reaches only a few members of your marketing demographics. In order to expand, you must also combine new methods together with the tried-and-tested ones. An account on social media such as on Facebook and Instagram gets you connected with the teenagers and young adults, whereas putting on posters, advertisements, and giving out flyers on trade shows and seminars allows you to reach out with people who are more used in traditional media.

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