Friday, February 22, 2013

Cleaning Services Leads – Getting Strength In Numbers

The concept of getting cleaning services leads through strength in numbers really reflects the model of many commercial cleaning firms. Instead of spending so much time looking for people who are good enough to do a large set of tasks, you can divide those tasks among different people. And when you think about it, this does not just apply to cleaning leads but also to lead generators producing them.

Generate Cleaning Leads En Masse?

But what does it mean to gather strength in numbers? Most often this idea is to contrast against the concept of getting B2B leads that, while super qualified, end up coming too special and far in between. You need something constant to cover operations and essentially keep your business standing up. It seems logical to assume that getting a constant flow of more regular cleaning leads is more stable and preferable.

That does not mean this will be a no brainer. If you fail to understand the finer concepts of getting strength in numbers, it will result in flaws that will not give you a lot of just really bad cleaning leads. And not just cleaning leads, it can also mean outsourcing poorly-performing lead generation companies. There is actually a balance that you need to achieve when it comes to measuring the result of your combined numbers (be it cleaning leads or lead generation services).

  • Cleaning leads  Commercial cleaning leads should still have some level of quality about them. If your cleaning leads were, say, canned goods, then you would want the kind that is at least edible. Your cleaning leads should be something your business can take in every day without harming itself.

  • Lead generators – If you are outsourcing a lead generation company, each of its employees may not be stellar salespeople but their combined efforts still produce cost-efficient results. It is like if you are a king and your cleaning leads are villages who need saving from monsters. No point in having more soldiers if they will be as easily cut down and eaten as the villagers.

If you want an even simpler example, what do you get when you multiply anything by zero? Nothing. So when you multiply the number of cleaning leads by a quality factor of absolutely worthless, you will get zero sales. Outsourcing lead generation companies with marketers that have no strength at all will produce the same results. In order to get strength in numbers, you still need to get some strength first!

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