Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Use Financial Lead Generation To Save Your Strength

Think of financial lead generation like a car mechanic and your financial services company is the casual driver who just wants something to get them places without worrying too much about engine trouble. The more of your own business strength is spent on lead generation, the more you should consider re-evaluating it.

Why Lead Generation Should Not Take Up Your Mind

Many people wonder why they even need lead generation in the first place. Veterans however know better than to underestimate the value of marketing for business leads like financial planning leads or insurance leads. It is somewhat paradoxical. You need lead generation to help generate opportunities to make sales but you and your salespeople already have enough on their plate to actually close them.

That is why you really need to make sure that you do not trouble yourself too much over how your lead generation process works but only because it is reliable.

To simplify, go back to the casual driver example and think about the things that you would rather have on your mind. You want to focus on where you can go with your vehicle. The more your thoughts veer away from that and into the technical details of your lead generation engine, then its time to talk to your mechanic:

  • Are you thinking too much on how to fix something? - When you worry too much about repairing, it means your lead generation campaign has been making too mistakes that you have become paranoid about making the next one. Were you truly relaxed and more trusting, those same lead generation services wouldn't be something to worry about.

  • Is it distracting you from work you actually want to do? - If financial lead generation is not even something you are keen on doing hands-on, thinking about should already be considered a distraction. Distractions are not productive and consume the very energy you should be reserving when the time comes to actually serve clients.
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  • Do you have zero confidence in doing it yourself? - Finally, when you have so absolutely no faith in what you are applying to your lead generation campaign, then you have already failed. This defeats the very purpose of the process because it is supposed to create certainty, not reduce it.
Often times, critics confuse lazy lead generation initiatives with an clear desire that a company has more pressing matters on the minds of all its employees. If your financial sales leads are important but leave you little strength to what you are supposed to do, then it is time to sit down with your lead generator.

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