Thursday, February 14, 2013

Appointment Setting – What To Do With Unintended Success?

Sometimes, whether it is during the course of an appointment setting campaign or on an actual cleaning job, you achieved success without meaning to. Accidental accomplishments like that seem to be the stuff of cartoons but you never know when it makes its way to reality. On the other hand, is there anything in your appointment setting strategy that prepares you for this?

How Appointment Setting Deals With Different Types Of Accidental Success

Examples of accidental success abound in history. One famously touted example is Columbus' discovery of America when in fact, he was looking for a better route towards India. Your appointment setting strategy could experience success in similar way.

The question though is how do you know if you are really experiencing success and what does it mean for your commercial cleaning firm in the long run? Does this mean you need a new appointment setting strategy? Do you still push on for the same cleaning services leads, office cleaning or residential cleaning, in the next campaign?

With those questions in mind, consider the following factors:

  • The events behind it - When you found yourself a new market, look back on how you first encountered it during that appointment setting campaign. The same thing still applies when you discover a new service or a new form of commercial cleaning that you are particularly good at. How did you come to discover and what can you do with the story to boost your appointment setting strategy.

  • Possibility of more demand – New discoveries mean new demand. Obviously, an appointment setting strategy needs to consider the impact of demand when it comes to predicting how many new prospects your unexpected hit will attract. You never know if there is still a little bit of refining to do before you can fully market this idea. You might even need to run a separate appointment setting campaign altogether!

  • Further development – Speaking of refining, few bright ideas are 100% perfect at the moment of conception. Make sure you really do consider how far you can go to really make the most out of your accidental discover. Use your appointment setting tools (e.g. website, email, telemarketing, CRM) to constantly gather feedback. Truly successful appointment setting does not really happen overnight.

The above factors are just a few to consider but there are nonetheless important enough to start with. On the bright side, it just goes to show that the possibility of finding success somewhere else can mean that you should not be too quick to be disappointed in a 'failed' appointment setting campaign.

Finally, this does not mean you should diverge from your current appointment setting plan. Regardless, inability to adjust to unexpected success could also lead to disappointment because you did not make the most out of it for B2B lead generation. You can still stay on course but always prepare your appointment setting strategy for unintended success!

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