Friday, December 21, 2012

Offshore Lead Generation? Kick Mediocrity Out the Door!

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When we talk about outsourcing, you sometimes get the idea of lesser quality in services. Well, you may think so because you cannot directly monitor the flow of these types of campaigns and hold only so little influence when it comes to bringing about an outcome we can be pleased with. When it comes to lead generation, however, it seems like more and more businesses are choosing to outsource their campaigns to service providers, even to offshore lead generation companies.

Some business owners understand that cutting down on costs is all part of how they can keep their business in a profitable state. Others, however, frown upon outsourcing their lead generation campaigns because they believe that offshore services providers bring in mediocre results. True enough, some companies do bring in mediocre results, however, one should not lump all offshore companies into one basket.

Not all offshore lead generation companies are bad apples. Why you could even be surprised at how some of these third party service provides outshine some of your in-house marketing staff! Still, mediocrity in results is a factor which drives away business owners from the idea of outsourcing their business sales lead generation campaign to third parties offshore. However, all it would take to find the right provider that doesn't bring in such results is to weed out the bad from the good.

Want to outsource your campaign to an offshore provider but fear mediocre results? Here's what you can do to help lessen the chances of that happening to you:

Choose lead generation companies within your target countries.

One of the reasons as to why offshore lead generation is mediocre is language barriers. When it comes to marketing your company and generating sales leads, how your marketers speak can greatly affect how they are received by your prospects. For example, a non-English fluent call center may not be as effective in handing your telemarketing lead generation campaign when calling countries within the USA. This is because some call center employees are not exactly experts when it comes to conversing in English.

What you want to do is pick lead generation companies, usually call centers, that speak the language of your target market. Another example is when taking on businesses in Singapore. Hiring a Singaporean telemarketing company with employees that speak the native language will be more effective than hiring companies outside of that target company that cannot easily break the language barrier.

Understand your chosen lead generation company's process.

Just because you are choosing to outsource to an offshore company does not mean that you don't have to understand their lead generation process. In order to lessen the chances of picking a company that only gets mediocre results, you should take time to see your chosen service provider's lead generation process.

How do they go about generating business leads? Do they specialize in using B2B telemarketing, or are they more into email marketing and using Internet marketing? How do they find your potential prospects? Do they refer to a leads list you provide or do they make use of their own database? Learning their process can greatly help in finding out whether they will become an effective extension of your marketing arm or not.

Success in picking a good offshore lead generation company isn't only about these things though. Results can also vary according to what you are selling. For example, an IT company may not be able to get the IT sales leads it wants even if they do manage to hire an excellent offshore company due to the fact that said company may not have any expertise in marketing IT products and services.

There are many other ways to help you kick mediocrity in results out the door when hiring an offshore lead generation company. These two tips, however, should help you form the basis of your judgment for choosing a service provider. So, are you going to stick with in-house marketing or try the cost-efficient outsourced call center services?

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