Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Telemarketing Tips – Differentiate Between Following-Up And Pure Stalking

On negative perception that telemarketing companies work so hard to rid themselves off is actually the same negative perception that today's online marketers are trying to shake: stalking. And by stalking, it is actually the popular belief that businesses will do anything, even invade privacy, in order to learn about their customers. It is not just limited to B2C marketing either. In B2B relationships, similar charges can be made when you are following-up on prospects and trying to generate feedback.

How To Get Qualified Leads Without Stalking

In their defense, many businesses demonstrate a clear need for such information. The ideal is that it is supposed to help them provide a better service. Realistically speaking though, it can reach a point when it is starting to feel like unintended harassment.

And since that is the case, how then can you qualify your sales leads without irritating those prospects? You do a basic review of what a good follow-up strategy is supposed to have such as:
  • Good Timing: You know the best time to call a prospect. Although, this in of itself should be part of the information you should initially gather. When contacting a prospect for the first time, always give priority to determining the best hour of day to make any further calls or emails. 
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  • Moderation: Do not always pester a prospect with calls even if each call comes with a different purpose. Just because you qualified their interest during one call does not mean you can call them again for a telemarketing survey soon after. If you have already called or emailed one contact, then be patient or at least pursue another one until you find another proper time call back. 
  • Transparency: If your purpose is B2B telemarketing, be honest about it. Do not waste a prospect's time beating around the bush and get straight to the point. Tell them why your business is calling. Are you there to re-evaluate their interest? Are you there to remind them of an appointed meeting with your sales representative? Is this the first time they have been contacted? Are there other times when you can call back or other means with which they are more comfortable communicating with? Regardless of the answer, always be clear in your objective. 
  • Finishes Fast – Speaking of wasting time, you should never forget how valuable it is to prospects. No matter how much you promise or how much you apologize, it will not return every, single second you consume. Your follow-ups should not only be thorough and objective but also quick enough that your prospect can easily resume whatever current task that was preoccupying them. 
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And do not forget, you can also apply this to more than just follow-ups. Your telemarketing surveys and B2B appointment setting calls can be perceived negatively as well so exercise the above traits to differentiate yourself from marketing stalkers.

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