Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Telemarketing Can Avoid Driving People Crazy

The idea of telemarketing driving people crazy is nothing new. What is also not new however is the idea that telemarketers can do a lot to actually run counter to that image. It is not just about how DNC lists have put a hamper to consumer marketing calls. It is about how the remaining markets that telemarketers can target are likely filled with many people who do not need much to go nuts.

The B2B Lead Generation Market

If you are a B2B company, there is a chance that you have thought of telemarketing (or may even be using it already). How is this possible when decision makers are likely to be more secure and more critical against marketers? More importantly, how can you have a contact center that does not drive them up the wall?

  • #1: They are not as tightly guarded as you believe – If you are under the assumption that cold calling will land you an automatic rejection, you are only half-right. The negative thing about cold-calling is that it is unexpected. But it is not so much given that businesses are not actually granted immunity from marketing calls. So long as you communicate right, you can actually avoid the cold shoulder that comes from cold calling.

  • #2: Know the proper time to call – It is a common rule for telemarketers but first-timers often struggle with it because they simply do not know the best time to call. So as a start, go for more physical indicators like figuring out a prospect's location. Are they in a different time zone? Should you call in the middle of the day or just when they are about to punch out? After that, try a more indirect form of communication like an email exchange prior to a telephone one.

  • #3: Value their time as well – B2B telemarketing does not always have to involve direct, outbound calls. Your call center could also be employing inbound services both for marketing as well as customer support. But in all cases, you should learn to value your caller's time. It is highly likely that they have other things pressing on their minds so a quick response is mandatory!

  • #4: Your follow-ups are well-spaced – The tricky thing about follow-ups is that it is like walking on a tightrope. You cannot make too many calls in a short span of time nor can you just take too long in between. It is like the extension of knowing the proper time to call and can be difficult without enough decent engagement with a prospect. But that is the keyword: engagement. At this point, you have already achieved making contact so use it as an opportunity to converse with a prospect and figure out the best time to contact again.

Never forget that when you are targeting others who are just as much as steeped into the business world as you, you run the risk of adding to their trust. But surprisingly, it is this same business culture than can bring you success if you exhibit a matching level of professionalism and strategic marketing. It is arguably a lot easier compared to consumers who are only too quick to press the DNC violation button. The best part is these basic sales lead generation tips are all that you need!

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