Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Telemarketing Tips – Beating Fear

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There are many reasons as to why a marketing campaign feels especially when telemarketing is what's being talked about. A lack of budget could lead to the death of a campaign, a disgruntled employee could make risk pissing of each and every prospect they contact. As said, there are numerous reasons as to why a telemarketing campaign can crumble into pieces.

If you are a telemarketing services provider, you of course want to provide your clients with the best quality of service. But before you can achieve such a level of performance, you first need to make sure that you can overcome the challenges that comes with being a telemarketing company.

One major thing which inhibits the capabilities of any telemarketer is fear. When you are afraid, your mind functions differently and your entire thought process is affected. You start grasping at the right words, tremble all over and even feel a cold sweat all over you. Fear can hamper the progress and success of any telemarketing campaign when those that are tasked with making calls are experiencing it.

Well instead of shivering at your desk and staring at the phone warily like it's going to bite you, here are a few tips to helping you overcome your fear!

Identify the problem.

Before you can start battling that monster that lurks underneath your bed, you first have to find out what it is. After all, a problem can only be solved after we know what it is, just like how we take different kinds of medicine depending on what ails us. What is it that you fear? Identify what each of your staff members is afraid of about doing telemarketing.

Identify the cause of the problem.

Once you know just what it is you fear, you should find out what is causing it. For staff that work in a telemarketing company, one common cause of fear is rejection. Telemarketers that perform tasks such as lead generation appointment setting often expect that the prospects they call will give them a “no” before they even pick up the phone and make the call. This assumption puts them into a mindset in which they truly do believe that a negative reply is coming their way.

Another thing that adds up to this fear is the presence of their duty. They are working for a telemarketing firm thus they know that they must make calls.

Come up with a solution.

Just because an employee has a fear about a certain part of their job does not mean that you should outright fire them. Every staff member is still a valuable part of your lead generation force and once they overcome their fear they should be able to perform their tasks effectively. So after you have found out what the problem is and what is causing it, the time has come to come up with a solution.

One of the best solutions for getting rid of fear is positive reinforcement. If your employees keep thinking that they will fail, then chances are they really will. But you can make a difference through just being positive. When your employees start telling themselves that they're not going to succeed, you tell them the exact opposite! There are other ways to counter fear, however the problem and cause must still be identified before any action can be taken.

Fear really is a common problem in telemarketing. I too have had my share of being afraid to pick up the phone just because I kind of knew what was coming at the end of the conversation. However, once you master how to beat what you are afraid of, you can turn it into strength and succeed in what you do, be it telemarketing!

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