Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mix Up Telemarketing & Social Media for IT Leads

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Usually it takes any new business a while in order to figure out the best marketing mix to use. For IT firms though, since they market products and services which are usually sought after, finding the right mix is a crucial part of the business plan. Many IT companies still use IT telemarketing to generate leads, however, what about all this buzz with social media?

A lot of marketers are flocking to social media and saying that it could very well be the new way to market. Well, social media is just another part of digital marketing. Why is it powerful as some claim it to be? Can the use of social media actually help IT firms that use in generating more sales leads? Why don't we take a look into that thought.

The idea of mixing social media and outbound telemarketing for IT sales lead generation may be a new concept for you. Here's why the two make a good combo:

Social media is a conversation starter.

Many marketers go wrong in thinking that using social media is a way to generate more leads - IT consulting leads, web hosting leads, cloud computing leads, software leads, web development leads or IT outsourcing leads. Well, it is a way to do so, but at often times it cannot accomplish this task all alone. What social media is good at though is starting conversations and in engaging your prospects.

To an IT company, new customers may have a lot of questions about their products and services. Those concerns can be addressed through the use of different social channels. This helps you connect with your prospects and get conversations going. I'm sure you understand the value of building relationships with your prospects in lead generation and how communicating with them helps nurture them until they convert into leads. Social is your conversation starter.

Telemarketing converts your prospects into IT sales leads.

Social media is what gets the talks going and helps build relationships between you and your prospects. However, when left alone, social media will not be enough to help you convert those you have engaged through different social channels into IT sales leads. This is where telemarketing comes into the picture.

Once you've engaged with a prospect and they start taking an interest in what your IT firm offers, then you need to get down to discussing in detail. Social media not only allows you to get conversations started but also allows you to find out if your prospect would be interested in receiving a call from you. So instead of doing appointment setting through cold calls, you can find warm prospects through social media and convert them into leads when you finally set-up that appointment.

Bear in mind that telemarketing is a powerful and indispensable tool to many marketers and sales people up to the present, and when employed properly as part of your marketing mix, can help you achieve better results in generating more IT leads.

So does it look like social media and telemarketing are a good mix for your IT company? Tell us what you think about this kind of marketing mix.


  1. Yeah... Its nice idea to implement to mix up both telemarketing and social media as they both are fast marketing systems in present business development systems...

  2. Great article. I am a recent undergrad and have been having problems with the "real world" job hunting. My question is how can I utilize my telephone sales skills and use social media leads or leads in general to make money while being self employed using only my computer, headset and sales ability while working from home only. I know of one way that can make me 2k a day but the problem is I don't feel like it's the greatest and "honest" way to make money. ( if you want to know what that is I would have to tell you in a private message). So just to recap, I am searching for a way to work from home using a phone and a laptop and selling services or products through purchasing leads that are generated through social media campaigns and then using my sales ability to sell over the phone. I hope someone out there will read this and help me out.

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