Monday, May 14, 2012

Tips for your B2B Telemarketing Campaign – Maximize Effectiveness

Sales are the bread and butter of any company. If one is to survive as a business, then it is imperative to make more sales and increase profits. However, making a sale is not always easy to do. You need to have B2B leads if you want to continue on finding interested prospects, but that in itself is already a challenge. Due to this, people resort to use methods such as B2B telemarketing in order to help them generate a good amount of leads marketers can work with. Here are some tips for your B2B telemarketing campaign.

  • Cold-calling is the way to go – Some will say that cold-calling is dead, that cold-calling is no longer effective. However, it still exists and is one of the best methods your telemarketers can make use of in generating qualified prospects and finding more B2B leads. Just make sure to know your target market and focus on it, also come up with an effective call script that isn't too wordy and but can capture the interests of your prospects.

  • Maximize the effectiveness of events – Trade shows and similar business-related events are some of the best places where you can generate leads from. Given that you have the chance to show case your products and services in front of your prospects, you can really generate an interest in what your company is about. Use your B2B telemarketing to maximize the number of people who go to your event through phone invitations. This is one way you can make use of telemarketing to help in generating sales leads.

  • Generate qualified appointments – Your B2B telemarketing campaign can be used for appointment setting. What better way to close sales than through having a face-to-face with your prospects, introducing what your company is about and what you do, and nurturing them into becoming sales-ready leads? Make use of the power of your telemarketing in doing appointment setting if you want qualified prospects to be put into your hands.

Hopefully these B2B telemarketing tips work for your campaign. Keep them in mind and apply them to see their effectiveness for yourself.


  1. With the evolving market today, it is important to find better ways on how you can reach out to your market. Telemarketing is one effective way, because it provides a more interactive way of selling services. Also, there is no boundary with telemarketing. As long as you have the numbers of your leads, you can easily reach them. Though you do transactions through phone, you can still have a measurable outcome, and you can identify if the customer is interested or not by his response to your call.

    Sonia Roody

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