Monday, August 27, 2012

B2B Telemarketing – Targeting DMs With The Right Authority

Aiming straight for the CEO isn't always the solution in B2B telemarketing. For one, these are likely the busiest individuals throughout the entire organization. There's no question that a lot of safeguards have been set up both by the organizations and the CEOs themselves to prevent callers from wasting their time.

Now one form of safeguard is by diverting calls (most often to voicemail). If you're lucky, they might instead direct you to someone who they believe has the proper authority to discuss business with you.

But take a step back and think: don't you realize that there are other people you could call in an organization who will, in fact, see more relevance in what you're offering? That's why a common selling point among B2B telemarketing firms is their accuracy in identifying the right decision maker (DM).

And guess what? These DMs aren't always the CEO.

You can't rely on luck forever though so stop aiming for the CEO all the time and expect their people to redirect you. You can start improving yourself by taking the following steps:

  • #1. Getting the general idea – First, review your offer. Unlike B2C, B2B transactions most often involve some sort of business solution, wholesale supplies, or another form of business assistance. Simply put, your business helps their business. So exactly how is that accomplished? What particular function are you supposed to help with? This will define your target market. Identify common needs and familiarize the processes you're supposed to benefit. 
  • #2. Ask more questions – The general idea can still be too general. In B2B, there's a higher demand for the specifics. Your telemarketers shouldn't be afraid to ask questions. You already know the basic functions and needs that you're supposed to serve. Use that knowledge to ask who is in charge of dealing with these concerns. Some functions tend be to tossed back and forth between two departments so focusing on the function itself will help determine who's really overseeing it. Also, it never fails to ask permission through other means before being too direct. 
  • #3. Avoid participating in internal politics – In a perfect world, businesses should always work together as a united organization. Alas, this isn't a perfect world and tensions will always arise. Your telemarketers should avoid getting caught in the crossfire of internal politicking. Stay objective as much as possible and if all else fails, back out and wait for things to simmer down. 
  • #4. Use appointment setting just to be sure – All right so your telemarketers think they're close to qualification. As a final test, have them offer to schedule an appointment. They can even start hinting towards this just so they can be sure that the people they're talking to will be the same ones who will meet their sales representatives.

CEOs aren't always the best targets for your B2B leads. The best targets are those who are knowledgeable about the business processes and functions that your business seeks to help with. This knowledge allows them to understand the benefits of your solutions and products. At the same time, it gives the right authority to accept and close the deal. That authority should be the prime focus of your telemarketing tactics when targeting DMs.

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